Genealogy of the Lanoues


I started my researches on the Lanoue genealogy in the late sixties. It is very fascinating to discover where our roots are and where they originated. On this site, you will be able to find numerous informative sources on the Lanoue family collected over the years, that will allow you to trace your lineage up to the country France.

The genealogical data presented on this site is of the highest possible accuracy according to discovered information and can be quite useful to those who have Acadian ancestors, to those whose families joined my own in history and especially to those who have an ascending Lanoue amond their ancestors.

I would also like to thank all the Lanoue descendants who contributed directly or indirectly to the development of this huge family tree comprising over 2,500 names.

The regrouped information here is free and is at your disposal. Also, my extensive researches of ''The history of the Lanoue Family in America'' has been compiled in an online book sprinkled with interesting autographical narratives.
Should you desire to remove excerpts in whole or in part, I would appreciate your writing my name as ''author'' in order to eliminate repetition of errors that may be erroneously confirmed as ''a truth'', but is actually of the individual's own creation. 

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Gaétan Lanoue

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