Genealogy of the Lanoues

Lanoue's story

For orthography purposes, the name Lanoue, in America at least, seems to vary in many forms such as La Noue, La Noë, Lanoux, Lanneau, Lanou. These name change are the results of priests who recorded birth, marriage and burial certificates. In those early times, many people could neither read nor write, not even their own name. Penmanship often changed according to the whims of the accommodating priest and name pronunciations by people. The parents were usually satisfied to affix their X for an official signature. We also see in registers the variance in names for the same individual, from Lanoux to Lanoue, from Lanoë to Lanoue and also showing La Noue in two words. First, it was especially Lanoue of the Acadian branch returning from exile. Then it was Lanoux in Louisiana, Lanneau in Carolina , Lanou in Vermont and Massachusetts, La Noue in Massachusetts and Texas I believe. The name La Noë seems to have mostly disappeared from the scene. The majority of these name change have occurred in less than one hundred years. (Written in 1998)

A Lanoue lineage also emerged when a soldier by the name of Isaac came from France and settled in Quebec , Canada .
In Quebec , one finds old inscriptions confusing the name Légu and Lanoue as the same person. We can surmise that this name could have surfaced as Lagüe of today. Part of this Lagüe -Lanoue line adopted the name Lanoue. In research it is not possible to connect these Lanoue variations to the Acadian branch. These Lanoue emigrated south of Ontario , Canada . Zacharie de Robutel , Sire of La Noue , could be an ancestor of another lineage. In my research, I did not find any reference that would confirms this. Rather the line seems to be extinct, since it seems that he had only one son who was mortally wounded by Indians, and daughters who pursued religious vocations as nuns. ( Nuns Island, by Verdun, Quebec was their property)

Furthermore, I could not connect all the Lanoue name that I found to the family tree. This can be explained by the fact that they are not the Acadian branch, or that for the moment, there are certain links missing that, once found, would assist in connecting them. The main objective in my research is to gather as many Lanoue names as possible and to trace the genealogical links of the members of this Acadian family. Those whose names are in my research shown below are all a linked together and form the Acadian branch of Lanoue.

We now have more than two thousand Lanoue names that all descend from the Acadian branch. First generation shows the first Lanoue arriving from France at Port-Royal. Currently, depending on the size of the various families, we have progressed to the eleventh and twelfth generations. The thirteenth generation is just beginning to prosper.