Genealogy of the Lanoues

Build up your tree

How can you find your Pierre Lanoue lineage?

Every Lanoue has numbers to identify each other. These numbers are a distinct sign for each other. The sign begins with a number. The number “1” represents the first generation. Number “2” represents the second generation and so on. Following the number is a first letter. The letter “A” identifies the first child. The letter “B” identifies the second child and so on. The second letter of this sign identifies children that are brothers and sisters or half-brothers and half-sisters that have the same letter in that they have the same father. Sometimes another number follows the second letter. This is only to increase the number of letters, but still staying with the second letter.

The sign attributed to each other is located above his first name. On the right is the father's sign. Now, knowing the father's sign, we can go to the previous generation to see his first name with his sign above it on the left. The sign of his father will be on the right.

So now we can reach up to the first ancestor. I suggest you use "Find on this page" in your Browser menu for a short cut.

It is possible to read from our ancestor Pierre Lanoue the First by going down. However, in so doing, we take the risk of losing ourselves along the way if we don't have prior knowledge of the names in our genealogy tree. Therefore, it is much easier to go up than to go down. The surname Lanoue is not written for each person. The first name that begins data for each person is always Lanoue, La Noue or a deviation thereof.

Lanoux, Lanou, Lanneau.

Begin with a first Lanoue name that you know. Then add the spouse name for more precise and clearer identification. Ask yourself in which generation he could be in, knowing that in the year 2000, our genealogy tree since our ancestor Pierre, is in the 10th or 11th generation. All is according to different families and the age of the person that you search for.

For example, if you start from your own position, chances are that you are in the 10th generation or subsequent ones. So, simply click to open this generation. Then click on Edit above your screen and do the search by writing in your first name. It must be written as it appears on the site. You can then proceed from your father or your grandfather. You can adjust by going to the right generation. As an example: I will search for Daniel who has Manor Cyr as spouse.

Actually, they are still alive, so they will probably be from the 10th generation or higher. Then I go to the 10th generation, look at different entries and I find that his sign is 11Bm2 and his father’s sign on the right is 10Bd3. Translated means that Daniel is from the 11th generation, his father is from the 10th generation. Then I go to the 10th generation to check 10Bd3. By research or by Edit, I arrive at 10Bd3 that is Adrien Donald with the sign 9At1 on the right identifying his father. The process continues by going to the 9th generation to search for 9At1 and so on.


Number 11 equals the eleventh generation; B - means he is second written child; m2 - is for him and his sister. If I go to 10 Bd3, B - means he is second written child; d3 - there are four with the same sign as brother and sister. If we look on the right side, we note that they have the same father since they have the same sign on the right. If you notice in the 11th generation signs on the right side, for example, 10 Ad3 and 10 Bd3, you could surmise that those persons are cousins.

If you are unable to locate yourself in those pages, please feel free to contact me!